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The Xenoverse platform is a new ecosystem designed to transform the pawnbroker capital industry and second-hand goods trading industries, starting with Korea

Xenoverse [XENO] is a token without its own blockchain. The most actual price for one Xenoverse [XENO] is $0.002330. Xenoverse is listed on 1 Exchanges with a sum of 3 active markets. The 24h volume of [XENO] is $38 737.95, while the Xenoverse market cap is $0 which ranks it as #2073 of all cryptocurrencies. You can find more information about Xenoverse [XENO] on xenoverse.io

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    Source code: github.com
    Discussion: t.me [1], t.me [2]
    Social (followers): @XenoverseI (44)
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    Market Cap Rank 2073
    All Time High
    ? USD
    $0.011316 07 Aug 2019 % to ATH (385.62%)
    Circulating Supply
    Volume (24h) Rank 823
    ? Total: 1 000 000 000
    $38 737.95 4.65 BTC
    Vol / M Cap (24h)

      Xenoverse details

      WhitepaperWhitepaper thumbnailDownload
      Open SourceNo
      Proof Type
      Algorithm ERC20
      Hardware wallet No

      Xenoverse Price Chart Live

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      ICO review

      ICO started 14 Jul 2019
      ICO ended 15 Jul 2019
      3 months ago
      Received Value $150 000.00
      Total tokens 1000000000
      Available for Token Sale3%
      ICO Token Price 1 XENO = 0.00500 USD



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            by @XenoverseI 44 followers

            (Mr. Hong CTO of Xenoverse on the left, Mr. Bang of Kata Company on the right). Kata Company is fastly growing company in Japan who owns the licenses and certifications to appraise, authenticate, and participate in seven auction sites. https://t.co/NSHRyGYB4b

            Xenoverse had a meeting with Kata Company, one of the prominent preowned luxury goods wholesaler and auctioneer in Japan, to solidify our exclusive partnership and to further discuss the implementation of auction platform in South Korea. https://t.co/zjIIly5nQ7

            He also passed the 21st Higher Civil Service Examination in Korea. He has been working as vice chairman of the Financial Supervisory Commission and the President of the Korea Exchange Bank. Since we need to manage our investments proficiently, we look forward to his insights.

            Xenoverse is excited to have Mr. Yong R. Yun as our Asset Management Advisor. Mr. Yun has a BA in English from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, and Masters in Public Administration from both Seoul National University and Minnesota University.

            He has been working in top-tier investment companies such as Korea Investment & Securities, Samsung Securities, Goldman Sachs, and Prudential Securities. Since we need to construct investments actively, we look forward to his insights.

            Xenoverse is thrilled to have Mr. Choon S. Lim as our Investment Advisor. Mr. Lim has a BA in Business Management from Yonsei University and MBA from UC Berkeley.

            He worked in the finance sector for Korea Investment & Securities and Citi Bank, in the IT sector, and the Real Estate sector, combining the experience of 40+ years of management. Since we need to operate in multi-nation, we look forward to his insights.

            Xenoverse is more than happy to have Mr. BK Park as our Business Operation Advisor. Mr. Park has a BA in Industrial Engineering from Seoul National University, a Masters from KAIST, and an MBA from U.C. Berkeley.

            Throughout this partnership and expansion of customer base, we are expecting massive marketing and inflow of users to Xenoverse ecosystem.

            The Dealux Mall (soon to become Xeno Mall) is expanding its channels and outreach 14M customers of Joongonara, the nation's most trusted secondhand goods e-commerce with over 4.9M daily active users.

            This partnership is the next step of Xenoverse to provide alternative financial services, and hence, we are taking one more step towards to provide crypto loan using the art collections as collateral in the next few months.

            Followed by the earlier partnership with the appraisal service providers, Xenoverse today announces its new partnership with two companies: K Auction and K art loan, the auction and loan service providers for fine art collections.

            With our partnership with the top two domestic luxury appraisal companies, clients can reliably and efficiently liquidate their piece of precious goods in our platform, and Xenoverse is one step closer to our vision: New assets for all new financial universe

            Xenoverse is announcing its new partnership with the nation's toptier appraisal service providers: Korea Appraisal Association and KS Appraisal Office to provide professional and reliable appraisal service for luxury goods, precious jewelry, and artworks in the Xenoverse platform

            and the Myungdang, a forfeited second-hand good e-commerce, at last, the Dealux Mall is open to the public. We will continue to integrate the blockchain and the Xeno token economy in Dealux Mall. (visit us: https://t.co/sto3X9hWHP)

            We are announcing the grand launch of Dealux Mall - soon to be integrated as the 'Xeno Mall' of the Xenoverse Ecosystem. After its 3months of development and service & brand unification of the two services: former known as JJundang, the pawnshop intermediary

            "The Xenoverse the 2nd Orbit project of Bibox Exchange successfully finalized the Xeno Token sales. We sincerely appretiate the support! https://t.co/CAJn8Agrvm"

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            Xenoverse Exchanges

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            1Bibox100.00% -

            Xenoverse Markets

            By Volume
            #ExchangePairVolume (24h)PriceVolume (%)CategoryFee TypeUpdated
            1BiboxXENO/USDT $23 598.35 $0.002710 60.85%SpotPercentage1 minute ago
            2BiboxXENO/BIX $15 185.02 $0.001744 39.15%SpotPercentage1 minute ago
            3Bgogo **XENO/BTC $18.35 $0.002694 0%SpotTransaction Mining2 minutes ago
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            *** Volume Excluded - no fresh data from exchange API
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