Event date 08 June 2018
Event description

Wallet core update to version Moving 70% of the block reward to Masternodes and 30% to miners over the next 4 months.

Proof link:https://s22.postimg.cc/w4rpjxjm9/image.png

Proof link preview:Core Update v0.12.2.3 image

Past Events

DateEvent description
25 February 2020 6 months agoNew Discord Server
09 February 2020 6 months agoMixing Sunday Event
16 August 2018 about 1 year agoGoByte Pay 1.0 Release
08 June 2018 over 2 years agoCore Update v0.12.2.3
30 March 2018 over 2 years agoHitBTC Listing

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